Widgets, tables and other content plugins

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With N1ED plugin installed to TinyMCE, CKEditor, or some CMS, you get a range of widgets you can insert into the content of the page. There is a list of image widgets and various media types like YouTube videos, Buttons, and Font Awesome icons that will help you to build perfect content.

Edit image dialog screenshot
Image widget


All buttons are added to your toolbar automatically until you reconfigure that. You can also visually configure templates of widgets right from the configuration dialog of N1ED or from Dashboard.

Auto toolbar screenshot
Set auto toolbar visually
Manual toolbar screenshot
Buttons list for configuring manual toolbar

Mobile ready

Since now your content is mobile-ready. Responsiveness is the must for modern websites and inserts fluid images. Bootstrap Editor users will have additional tools for that.

Bootstrap breakpoints screenshot
Responsive Bootstrap breakpoints

YouTube videos

Insert YouTube videos: search for them right from N1ED and insert a fully customized widget into CKEditor/TinyMCE.

Search YouTube video screenshot
Search YouTube video
Insert and edit YouTube video screenshot
Insert and edit YouTube widget

Font Awesome icons

Tons and tons of icons for all who use Font Awesome. Visual customization of the size, color, rotation and other is available.

Search Font Awesome icon screenshot
Search Font Awesome icon
Insert and edit Font Awesome icon screenshot
Insert and edit Font Awesome icon

Bootstrap widgets

You will like special Bootstrap widgets if use Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5 (or Bootstrap 3): buttons, tabs, etc.

Bootstrap button widget
Bootstrap Button widget
Bootstrap alert widget
Bootstrap Alert widget

Custom templates

Create your own custom templates to add pre-configured widgets and their combinations. Placeholder widget will help you to create an "undefined" widget for setting after custom template insertion.

HTML snippet screenshot
HTML snippet
Placeholder widget screenshot
Placeholder widget

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