Installing N1ED to React application

Install N1ED on your website

The easiest way to install N1ED is to use Installation Wizard. It will lead you through all these steps to the perfect editor on your website. Your first installation should be done using Wizard due to it will register a free API key for you.

Install now

Installation manual step-by-step

Step 1

Install N1ED React package

Install N1ED React package being in the directory of your project:

npm install --save @edsdk/n1ed-react
Step 2

Use N1ED component

Let's use N1ED in your project. Open your source file and in the top of it add new import:

import {N1ED} from "@edsdk/n1ed-react";

Then inside render() method add N1ED component definition:

    initialValue="<p>N1ED react demo</p>"

You can also see demo TypeScript project on GitHub as example of use.

Step 3

Check your installation

Now you can edit your articles with the power of N1ED. Go to your content and check N1ED in the action.