Web Studio Kit

Web Studio Kit logo For web studios and website builders we provide two things: our service and experience to improve your content editor and additional components to make this integration deeper but easier. Striving to make the N1ED ecosystem fit your CMS best, we provide a module to configure N1ED and other plugins in addition to the editor itself and its add-ons.

The main part of Web Studio Kit - Config Editor allows for visual editing of all config parameters: configure N1ED UI, specify Bootstrap Editor settings, modify location of uploaded files in Flmngr, and so on.

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Technical description

Config Editor is a client application which means it is executed in a browser, on the settings editor page. It connects to one or more inputs of the settings form and dynamically updates values in them. This means if you add several fields to your settings form as inputs, Config Editor will automatically visualize them. You can further process these data on the server as usual, because no changes are needed in most cases.

Config Editor can be embedded using the API it provides.

The technology stack of the product is React + Redux, for our partners we also offer custom tailoring of Config Editor to specific needs as well as adding new individual custom features, the require specific config keys.

Multiple user profiles

You can connect Config Editor to each of your profiles and edit settings of each user individually. Another option is when a user has multiple editor profiles to choose from. For example, the control panel in the Drupal module is organized this way.

How to get it

Config Editor is available to:

  • Users of our modules for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla
  • Owners of the Application license
  • Our partners integrating N1ED to their CMS

Application license users and partners also receive consultations from our specialists on integration and full support as well. Users of popular CMS enjoy integration of Config Editor with their corresponding CMS as a CMS extension.