Styling the content

When you include CKEditor or TinyMCE to the page, you expect that content inside the editor will look exactly as it looks on the website, that is preserving styles of buttons, margins, fonts and so on.

If your editor works in the inline mode this happens automatically. But if you run TinyMCE/CKEditor in the standard mode, then technically the content displays in the separate iframe, and styles of the page cannot apply to it.

Nevertheless, in N1ED you can apply website styles to the content inside the WYSIWYG editor. Since styles are stored in CSS files, the solution is to include them to the content as well. To do this, use the include section in your config:

include: {
  css: [

Above is the example of how you can connect various CSS style and JS scripts to the content.

If your website uses Bootstrap 4, and you want to connect its styles too, configure Bootstrap Editor, that has its own tools to connect Bootstrap styles to the content of your page.

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