Install File Manager for PHP

To install File Manager for PHP, you need to download the Composer-module edsdk/flmngr-server-php for it and link it to your current project or website.

To install the package, use this console command:

composer require edsdk/flmngr-server-php

After that, in your code that processes the request to the URL you pass to File Manager, make the following call:

            'dirFiles' => '/var/www/files',
            'dirCache' => '/var/www/files/cache',
            'dirTmp'   => '/var/www/files/tmp'

You can learn more about installing the package on the Flmngr for PHP module page.

Installing to a website without Composer

If you want to install Flmngr without using Composer to include it to the project, simply download the latest version via the Composer off site, then put the /vendor/edsdk/flmngr-server-php/ folder to the place on the website you want, and near it put the php-file that will work as an entry point for File Manager requests. Put the above code inside this file and include all PHP files of Flmngr.

This way is only recommended for CMS that do not work with Composer. Otherwise we recommend using the modern way to install the package.