Insert Bootstrap blocks and edit Bootstrap grid

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Build your page block by block by choosing them from the gallery or using the block builder feature. Insert them and edit content then.

Customize bootstrap presets for your own need
All spectre of tools for blocks creation
Full Bootstrap blocks library
Customize bootstrap presets for your own need

Custom blocks

Define any block you edit in WYSIWYG editor as custom block and save it into your personal blocks gallery. Screenshot is generated automatically. You can update existing blocks and use Placeholder widgets there.

Save designed block as template
Press "Save as template" to store your block in the library
All saved templates have preview screenshot
Screenshot is generated automatically. Specify a category for this new block


Compose your grid with fullscreen Bootstrap Editor. It provides tools for creating and editing Bootstrap structure blocks such as columns, rows, and containers.

Build your content from presets
Build your content from presets
Edit Bootstrap column screenshot
Edit Bootstrap column

Mobile preview

Advanced preview of your Bootstrap breakpoints (target widths for different mobile devices) right in TinyMCE or CKEditor will make you sure the content displays fine for all of your website visitors.

Bootstrap breakpoints
Responsive breakpoints

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